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info@waterfallfp.com.au Waterfall Way Associates is an FPA Professional Practice


We are a recently incorporated boutique financial planning company that specialises in self-managed superannuation funds. Waterfall Way Associates is independently owned and has no ties to large institutions. Our adviser representatives have been working in the financial planning industry since the early 1990s. Although based in Coffs Harbour, our advisers regularly visit Sydney to meet with clients and attend training conferences as part of their professional development.

Our experience indicates the use of institutionally-owned management and consolidation services tends to increase the total cost of investment. There is little evidence to suggest that this increased cost results in a better outcome, after fees and taxes, for the client. Our representatives have an established record in seeking to lower the total cost of investment for clients as technology and competition have changed the landscape considerably over the last decade. Waterfall Way Associates has a long-established business practice of charging a known fee and rebating commissions generated from the use of financial products.

Further details on our investment philosophy can be seen below –  The Waterfall Way. Our adviser representatives are Certified Financial Planners™ and members of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), the peak professional body for financial planning in Australia.

What is Financial Planning?

Waterfall Way Associates considers financial planning the provision of advice that enables a client to meet their objectives. Comprehensive advice will usually cover things like asset allocation, risk management, insurance and estate planning. All of these topics have interrelated taxation considerations.

A major part of financial planning is investment. Regular, stable and growing investment income provides financial security. Financial planners provide strategy and product recommendations that fit the individual circumstances for each client. To achieve this, Waterfall Way Associates follows a six step process, beginning with data gathering and ending with a regular review of goals, strategy and products. We believe that a professional financial planning relationship is both long-term and fiduciary in nature.

A fiduciary relationship is one where the adviser acts primarily for the client’s benefit. A position of trust comes with the power to affect the client’s interests. While entitled to remuneration, there is a responsibility on the adviser to disclose all material facts and any conflicts of interest.