Dacian Moses

CFPⓇ BEc DipFP FMBM JP Responsible Manager, Director and Representative of Waterfall Way Associates


Dacian has extensive experience in financial services and has been a financial planner since 1993 with an Economics Degree, a Diploma of Financial Planning and a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking. Dacian is a Certified Financial Planner® and is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia Ltd and the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia.

Dacian was the president of the Boutique Financial Planners, a support group for small Australian Financial Service Licensees (advice practices that hold their own licence, as opposed to working under the licence of a large institution).

Dacian is committed to the development of financial planning as a profession and holding advice to a high standard. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association’s Conduct Review Commission  and a member of the ASIC Financial Services and Credit Panel . Both of these roles involve holding advisers to an enforceable code of conduct

Dacian and his family moved near Bellingen in 2004. This was a classic ‘tree change’ for a Sydney couple. They remain very happy raising two children in a rainforest setting somewhere along the Waterfall Way