Every client situation is unique. Our service offer is tailored to match … We take the time to get to know the individual before we offer advice.

Financial planning is defined as a six step process. This encapsulates the professional delivery of advice:

For New Clients

At WWA, we will usually meet potential new clients twice before providing our initial terms of engagement that define the scope and cost of our advice.
Our first meeting is around 45 mins and is intended to allow each party to decide if there is sufficient rapport to have a second meeting.
The second meeting may take over an hour and is for collecting detailed qualitative and quantitative data about you and your intentions. This data enables us to provide a fixed quote for the provision of advice.
Initial engagement is a personalised service contract for a fixed fee and will usually run between three and six months. This fee is paid as monthly retainer. We will provide a number of short advice documents over this initial engagement period that collectively provide you with comprehensive advice. In our experience, this approach is superior to providing a single, lengthy advice document.

For Existing Clients

Ongoing engagement is a personalised service contract over 12 months for a fixed fee (paid monthly in advance). This annual contract can be renewed with your permission. We will usually meet to review your situation twice each year

Your Financial Security Pie

We want to have long term client relationships with family groups. As our clients go about creating lives with real meaning, we aim to be there exactly when we are needed with precisely what you require. Our holistic services are summarised in the WWA financial security pie :     

We understand the interaction between these elements of your financial security and their changing importance to you as you live your best life. Change comes from personal growth, but you are also subject to influence from the economic cycle, investment markets and legislation. It is our job to understand when these changes occur, their significance to you and support you to make the right financial decisions.